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Preparing for the Day of Surgery

Plastic surgery

Exactly how a patient prepares for plastic surgery depends on the type of procedure being performed. For example, preparing for liposuction is quite different than preparing for a tummy tuck. Top Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Galiano focuses not only on physical preparedness, but on the all-important mental outlook.

Reasons Why You Deserve a Mommy Makeover

Chicago Mommy Makeover

While motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding experience, it’s also hard work, both physically and emotionally, and involves a lot of tough decisions. But a mommy makeover is a decision mothers can feel confident about. Postpartum, many women struggle with body issues, as pregnancy and breastfeeding take a significant toll. But mommy makeover surgery, which Read More…

The Top Combination Procedures

Combination Procedures

Combining cosmetic surgery procedures offers patients the most comprehensive results. It minimizes recovery time and allows patients to see their results faster. Plus, in some cases, it can be more affordable. A lot of cosmetic procedures are available to patients, so there are numerous possible combinations. The option that’s right for you depends on your Read More…

Exploring the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Tummy tuck benefits in Chicago

Tummy tuck can be an effective solution for anyone whose previous weight gain left a conspicuous mark on the body’s midsection, loosening skin and weakening abdominal muscles. As a trusted Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Galiano is skilled at turning back the clock for patients who seek to reclaim the toned, fit stomach they remember. Read More…

Back to school…Attention back to Mom!

5 reasons why fall is a great time to plan that mommy makeover! For busy moms, summer has been a whirlwind of camps, trips, sleepovers, barbecues and the mad rush of trying to get the kids ready for back-to-school. Many moms find that with the children back in classes, they now have some breathing room Read More…

Celebrate Mother’s Day With a Mommy Makeover!

May 14 is a very special day – it is the day we celebrate all the women in our lives who are mothers. For all you moms out there, this is a time to accept the accolades and appreciation for all the hard work you have put into raising your children! I can speak on Read More…

Mastopexy Chicago

Mastopexy, more commonly referred to as a breast lift, has helped countless women achieve the more youthful, perky breasts they desired. Mastopexy is a cosmetic procedure that reduces or reverses sagging in the breasts. All women, as they get older, notice some sagging in their breasts, but for some women this sagging can be more Read More…

Breast Enhancement Chicago

Breast Enhancement is a procedure that is popularly used to enhance the size of breasts in women who are unhappy with the small nature of their breasts. Women with overly small breasts often find it difficult to find clothing that fits how they would like it to and may feel self-conscious of their small breast Read More…

Thigh Lift Chicago

The Thigh Lift is a procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of the thighs when there is excess, sagging skin in the area. Today there are a number of body contouring options available to help improve the proportions of the body overall and in specific areas in particular. We often seen body contouring Read More…

Breast Reduction Chicago

Breast Reduction is a procedure that reduces the size, weight and strain of overly large breasts. Women with overly large breasts often suffer daily pain from the excess weight in the chest that can limit physical activity and make finding clothing that fits a real challenge. Some women feel self-conscious about the size of their breasts. Read More…

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